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Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea


Bubble Tea, also knows as Boba, is a Taiwanese, tea-based drink with fruit infused flavors. It can be made blended, iced or hot, making it a yummy treat on a hot or cold day. Typically served with tapioca pearls, but we also offer a variety of jellies to mix things up.



Mango                     Coffee
Taro                         Matcha
Strawberry              Vanilla
"Hola Nola"            Almond
Coconut                  Lychee
Papaya                    Peach
     Vanilla                    Blueberry
      Passionfruit            Red Bean
       Honey Dew            Watermelon
               Green Milk Tea
               Black Milk Tea
               Midnight Bliss
               Spring Green Tea

Served Iced, Hot or Blended with a choice of Tapioca, Rainbow or Lychee jellies